New York Regional Chapter: A Complete Picture of Daylight

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Daylighting is arguably the primary, experiential and physiological connection occupants have with a building. In addition, it's the simplest and most cost-effective means of reducing a building's electrical energy use.  Yet it's often the most misunderstood and underutilized system in a building's design.

In this seminar, we critically discuss how annual metrics and other methods of daylighting analysis & simulation can help you understand how daylighting is conceptualized, collaborated on and executed in buildings. This includes why annual metrics are necessary, what the metrics mean in terms of daylight design, what qualities of daylighting the metrics miss, and how blinds affect the score and experience of daylight. We will go beyond reciting formulas to help you define metrics in meaningful terms that you can visualize, understand, and use in your practice. 

We will review the new LEED v4 daylight credits, and the differences from LEED v2009. We will discuss the pitfalls of mis-informed projects, and potential problems if you don’t do basic daylighting analysis, as well as best practices of daylight modeling. You will learn how to achieve the LEED credits without sacrificing overall good daylight design, and how to use new technology to drive daylight beyond LEED. 

This seminar emphasizes the value of using daylighting tools to get the best results, and empowering non-specialists to make informed decisions for integrated design. 


Daniel Glaser, Principal