An Overview on BuildSim Cloud: Getting Ready for Engineering 4.0

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This is a recording of a San Francisco Bay Area Chapter event, held on June 13, 2018. The evolution of the Internet brings us to the era of Engineering 4.0. Everything is moving at a much faster pace that requires us to be more connected, and interactive than ever. For engineers, how to differentiate yourself from the others is the key to stand out in this new era. The BuildSim Cloud, developed on top of the famous thermal engine – EnergyPlus, offers plug and play energy modeling  components for everyone’s day to day modeling tasks. This presentation provides an overview of the BuildSim Cloud with hands-on demo session using Python.

Key Topics:

  • Engineering 4.0: Engineering 4.0 is here! It is an era of connected, collaborative and computational resource free.
  • BuildSim Cloud: An overview of the BuildSim Cloud system. Leveraging the features such as data integration, cloud simulation, and simulation data extraction to automate your unique workflow.
  • Demo – upload models for cloud simulation and post-process data.
  • Demo – How to create your workflow: ASHRAE Standard 209 modeling cycles.
  • Demo – Leverage the plotting functions in API library to create shareable content


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