Overview of Life Cycle Cost Analysis and demo of One Click LCA Tool - SFBA Chapter

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This is a recording of a San Francisco Bay Area Chapter event, held on September 12, 2018.

Presentation 1:

Overview of Life Cycle Cost (LCC) Analysis and available resources


In this presentation, we will talk about the process of Life Cycle Cost Analysis and existing resources. The presentation will cover underlying concepts of engineering economics like escalation and discount rates, real vs nominal rates, and federal sources of information like NIST Handbook 135 that can be used if rates are not known specifically for the client.


Prateek Jain | Atelier Ten

Prateek is a sustainability practitioner focused on the built environment. At Atelier Ten, he works on LEED administration, carbon reduction strategies, LCA, daylight modeling and environmental design for all types of projects. Prateek found his way into sustainability consulting after deciding to make the fight against climate change, a life-long quest during his M.S. in Building Construction Management at Purdue University.

Presentation 2:

LCC analysis using One Click LCA tool


In this presentation, we will show how One Click LCA can help you make Life Cycle Costing (LCC) Analysis for your building project by easily extracting material data from BEM software and/or using gbXML files. The LCC tool calculates the Net-Present Value (NPV) of material and systems specifications including  replacement/maintenance costs, energy costs, and other capital costs associated to building energy performance requirements. The tool can work with Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) tool to calculate embodied impacts. And, with the capability to compare design options, you can optimize your material specifications.


Dr. Rod Castro| One Click LCA

Expert in building sustainability with advance know-how in Life Cycle Assessment, Life Cycle Costing, EN and ISO LCA standards, Embodied carbon, EPDs, CSR, LEED, and other Green Building systems.

As an architect with a PhD in Life Cycle Assessment, Rod is passionate about building sustainability, circular economy, and the application of Life Cycle Metrics and BIM/energy modeling automation to real-life projects.