San Francisco Bay Area Chapter November Event: BPAC and SimBuild 2018 Recap

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This is a recording of an SFBA Chapter event, held on November 14, 2018.

Recap of presentations by members of IBPSA SFBA chapter and discussion about lessons learnt from 2018 Building Performance Analysis Conference and SimBuild that was held at Chicago in September, 2018.

Presentation 1:
Aeroacoustic façade noise: Predicting wind-induced noise from perforated façade panels

Presenter: Dr. Nathaniel Jones | Arup: Dr. Nathaniel Jones is an Advanced Technology & Research analyst at Arup and the developer of Accelerad, a suite of open-source GPU-based lighting and daylighting simulation tools. Nathaniel serves as chair of the IBPAS-USA chapter’s Research Committee and subcommittee on Emerging Simulation Technologies.

Presentation 2: 
A new modeling approach for the assessment of the effect of solar radiation on indoor thermal comfort.

Presenter: Dr. Andrea Zani | EOC: Dr. Andrea Zani is a Facade Project Engineer at EOC, where Andrea works with architects and manufacturers during the entire design process to deliver high-performance facade systems. His fields of expertise are façade engineering, building physics, and daylighting simulations.

Presentation 3:
Comparison of Existing Building-Level Calibration Approaches and a Case Study

Presenter: AnLei Huang | Integral group: An-Lei Huang is a Building Performance Analyst with Integral Group, Her focuses including new construction building energy modeling, exiting building retrofitting modeling, trend data analytics and tool development.

Presentation 4:
Integrating Energy Model with a Customized Script to Optimize Building Operation

Presenter: Te Qi | Atelier Ten: Te Qi is a Senior Environmental Designer at Atelier Ten focusing on Energy Analysis. He combines his technical competency and creativity across multiple disciplines – architecture, engineering and master planning – to develop integrated, cross-disciplinary solutions for projects. Te’s education focused on building performance and HVAC design.

Presentation 5:
Fixing the Baseline for Title 24

Presenter: Dimitri Contoyannis | NORESCO: Dimitri Contoyannis leads NORESCO’s Codes and Standards Team.  His team led an effort in California to transition the state's energy code research, development, and compliance process to be based on simulations using DOE's EnergyPlus engine. They also recently completed a research effort, based on both simulation and real-world data,  to develop a strategic plan for California to achieve its goal of enforcing zero net energy building designs by 2030.