The Weather Out There - Denver Chapter Event

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This is a recording of a Denver Chapter SimClub event, held on March 21, 2019.

All energy models depend on accurate weather data.  So in a changing climate, what is accurate?  This Colorado-centric discussion covers:

  • Measured data sets such as TMY and AMY data
  • Computer simulated weather data
  • Interpreting weather data - confidence versus skepticism
  • State of weather software tools and future climate and weather data
  • Colorado Front Range weather and design day trends


Linda Morrison is the Building Performance Team Leader of Ambient Energy, a sustainable design and energy consulting firm celebrating 15 years.  As part of her commitment to developing the industry, she has spoken at Greenbuild, AIA, and I2SL national conferences, local conferences, and as an instructor for the  AIA+2030 Challenge series presenting “Right-Sized: Equipment and Controls for Super-Efficiency Buildings.”

Benjamin Brannon is a consulting engineer at concentrating in energy modeling, thermal comfort, and integrated, sustainable design. I work as a private contractor, primarily to Arup. He has been heavily involved in research revolving around sustainable and comfortable buildings projects, specifically related to energy modeling, data collection, and renewable system design.