What Developers Want (More Money) And How Modelers Can Help

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This is a recording of a Denver Chapter Sim Club event, held on August 16, 2018 at Big Ladder Software in Denver, CO.

Building owners and developers want to realize higher valuation for high-performance designs. For this SimClub event, Melissa Baldridge from GreenSpot Global will present a four-step process for energy modelers to advocate for greater efficiencies in building features and systems. 

Melissa Baldridge co-founded GreenSpot Global to reverse climate change through the built environment. Since 2010, GreenSpot has been named a “Top Green Dealmaker” by the U.S. Green Building Council, Colorado and facilitated land acquisition, financial and sustainability analysis, and product sales worth $340 million. Melissa has modeled one million square feet of commercial and residential properties, with scores of successful certifications like LEED, ENERGY STAR and others. She also provided technical expertise for the Colorado Energy Office in several studies for financial incentives and public policy, including higher appraisal values for energy-efficiency features, solar and a statewide tax credit. Melissa is also a syndicated blogger, and her columns have appeared on Colorado Real Estate Journal, Proud Green Home and Energy Efficiency Markets.