Whole-Building Modeling with TRNSYS

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Description: This is a recording of a Denver Chapter webinar, held on August 17, 2017.

Matt Duffy from Affiliated Engineers Inc. (AEI) will present on using the TRNSYS simulation software that has been publicly available for over 40 years and continues to use a modular, component-based structure to solve energy systems. This modular structure with the hundreds of available energy system components offers much flexibility to the user. However, with that flexibility necessitates responsibility, insight, and pragmatism. Due to the nature of the high performance buildings that AEI designs, systems analysis becomes vital in reducing building energy and water consumption during all stages of the design process. AEI has used TRNSYS on many different projects that will be highlighted in the presentation: whole building simulation, heat recovery chillers, large central plants, thermal energy storage, and the scripting and automation to support the TRNSYS simulations.


Matt Duffy - Matt graduated with honors from the Milwaukee School of Engineering with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering. His educational studies focused on thermodynamics and heat transfer while also encompassing renewable energy and building simulation. Matt began working to pursue the coordination of the transient energy and building simulation software package, TRNSYS. Software updating, support, development, testing, and validation kept him busy but was also able to extend his realm into many different building simulation and solar energy projects. Matt has been the primary and co-author on energy simulation papers and has traveled all over the world to teach TRNSYS to other professionals and researchers. He is currently specializing in laboratory buildings, healthcare facilities, and software tool development at AEI. In his spare time, you will likely find him raising three kids, coaching youth soccer, and assisting at a local winery.