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Let's Talk TRNSYS

Have you heard about the TRNSYS software and wondered what it is?  Are you curious about the developments in store for the next release?  The first part of this presentation will describe briefly the history of TRNSYS, how it works, and what makes it different from other simulation tools.  The second part will describe some of the changes and additions that are being worked on for the next release of the software.


Tim McDowell is Vice President of Thermal Energy System Specialists, LLC of Madison, WI and a member of the TRNSYS development team.


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Since it's start in 1988, the Wynkoop Brewing Company has been a pioneer on the American beer landscape. It was the first brewpub in Colorado, and was pushed beers beyond the status quo with hand-crafted porters, meads, and cask-conditioned beers. Now is your chance to see behind the scenes!

February 23, 2017

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