SimBuild is the premier US venue for sharing cutting edge research in building performance simulation. The conference features peer-reviewed scientific paper presentations, practitioner case studies, and seminars on a range of building performance simulation topics. IBPSA-USA convened the SimBuild conference every other year from 2004 to 2012 as a forum for sharing information through peer-reviewed papers. From 2014 to 2022, IBPSA-USA  partnered with ASHRAE to co-host a bi-annual conference called Building Performance Analysis Conference and SimBuild. IBPSA-USA returns to hosting SimBuild as an independent conference in 2024. 

SimBuild Conference Proceedings

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SimBuild 2024 – Denver, CO

IBPSA Building Simulation

IBPSA’s Building Simulation conference is the premier international event in the field of building performance simulation and has been held every other year since 1989. IBPSA-USA hosted Building Simulation 2017 in San Francisco. 

Building Simulation Papers

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Building Simulation 2025, Brisbane, Australia

IBPSA World Affiliate Conferences

The following conferences listed below are of other regional affiliates of IBPSA. This page will be updated as more information becomes available. 

Affiliate Conference Date Location
Danube Sessions at the International HVAC&R Congress and Exhibition 6-8 Dec 2023 Belgrade, Serbia
France Conférence Francophone de l'International Building Performance Simulation Association 13-17 May 2024 La Rochelle / Oléron
Ireland Joint ASHRAE/IBPSA-Ireland Student Research Composium Joint ASHRAE/IBPSA-Ireland Student Research Composium Cork, Ireland
Canada eSim 5-7 Jun. 2024 Edmonton, Alberta
Nordic BuildSim Nordic 9-11 Jun. 2024 Espoo, Finland
Italy Building Simulation Applications 26-28 Jun. 2024 South Tyrol, Italy
DACH (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland) BauSim September 2024 Vienna, Austria
England Building Simulation and Optimization
Scotland uSim
Asia aSim

Other Conferences

The conferences listed below are aligned with the interests of IBPSA-USA and its members. Appearance of conferences in this list does not imply that IBPSA-USA endorses or sponsors these conferences.