Adtek AccuLoad ACCA Approved Manual-J & Manual-S Residential Load Calc


Adtek Software AccuLoad is ACCA Approved Residential Load Calculation program that can be ran in a quick-simple Whole House mode or can be ran doing Room-by-Room mode. Adtek AccuLoad INCLUDES ACCA Manual-S Equipment Selection with a Huge AHRI Database of Equipment performances pre-loaded into the program. Adtek AccuLoad can also “pass” the room loads (airflows) to Adtek AccuDuct (ACCA Approved Manual-D Duct Design program) automatically with one button click. Reports have the ACCA Manual-J Approved emblem right on the first page!! Reports include: > ACCA Manual-J System Load Summary Report > Load Chart Details & Graph > Quick and Manual-S Equipment Selection Report > System AED Report > System Load breakdown details > System Airflow (cfm) report > Room Summary Report > Room-by-Room Reports > Room Hourly Fenestration Curve Our customers tell us all the time, this is BY FAR => the Easiest to use ACCA Approved Load Calculation program on the market – Period!

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United States
Major Capabilities:
Load Calculations
Building Type:
Commercial, Residential, Multi Family
Windows, Web/Saas
Reduced for Non-Commercial/Academic Use, Free To Try
Help And Support:
Free Email Support, Free Phone Support
Last Software Update:
November 11, 2016
A basic understanding of residential HVAC load calculations.
Residential & Commercial HVAC contractors, designers, educators and students
Description and input data includes physical house size and construction, windows, doors, etc.
Data and results can be viewed on screen or printed reports as listed in the Program Description above.
ACCA Approved and Very Easy to Use!