EnergyCAP Enterprise


Designed to be the foremost energy information software available for total integration and management of an organization’s diverse utility bill and energy management needs. EnergyCAP offers the full range of capabilities: bill tracking, manual and EDI entry, interface to A/P for bill payment, ENERGY STAR® automated data submittal, workflow system for user-defined bill approval processes, automatic bill auditing system, correct “to-the-penny” rate schedules, interval data tracking and analysis, tracking of production (or any other independent variables), greenhouse gas emissions tracking, cost avoidance calculations (measurement and verification [M&V]), submeter tracking, virtual meter formulas, tenant rebilling, weather normalization, calendarization, and more. EnergyCAP uses a Microsoft SQL Server database. Clients can connect both via LAN in a client/server mode and via web browser.

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United States
Major Capabilities:
Utility Bill and Meter Data Analysis, Building Energy Benchmarking, Other
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Windows, Web/Saas
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Last Software Update:
September 21, 2014
Basic knowledge of data entry. Training, implementation, and data analysis services are available.
Markets: Any organization, including government, education, or commercial clients, that pays multiple utility bills each month can use the online or installed version of EnergyCAP. Positions: Energy and Facility Managers, Sustainability Specialists, and Accounting and Financial personnel.
Setup data (buildings, locations, meters, accounts, etc.), utility bills, special M&V baseline adjustments, daily weather data, meter interval data, production or other counter data.
Bill Audit process checks each bill more than 50 ways and issues warnings on possible bill errors. More than 250 reports and graphs, customizable using Crystal Reports, Microsoft Access or Excel. Views Savings shows results of regression analysis of daily weather versus energy use, applied to baseline period for Cost Avoidance and M&V. Charts of meter interval data. Benchmarking and ranking charts.
Extremely flexible, handles all of the energy information needs, utility bill tracking, integrated interval data tracking and energy management of large and small organizations. The programming team is the same one that developed FASER Energy Accounting, an industry leader since 1982.