Parametric analysis is often used for exploring design options and identifying the relationship between design parameters and performance. The jEPlus tool has been developed specifically for performing complex parametric analysis with EnergyPlus. It provides a GUI for defining design parameters, editing models, manage simulation runs, and collecting results. With the GUI, hundreds of thousands of simulation cases may be created in the matter of minutes. The tool is written in Java, as an open source project. It works with all existing and the future EnergyPlus versions on Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. The main features of jEPlus include: – Complete GUI providing controls needed for setting and managing parametric projects – Creating portable projects that can be moved between computers or executed online – Supporting all EnergyPlus versions, including future releases – Flexible syntax of specifying parameter values, including user-defined combinations, distribution sampling, and inline calculations – Managing simulations in parallel to take full advantage of the modern computer hardware – Simulation results being collected from various E+ output files into the CSV format – Python scripts and user-defined formulae can be used in post-processing results – Command-line interface for employing jEPlus as a simulation manager in other programs/tools

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United Kingdom
Major Capabilities:
Parametrics and Optimization
Building Type:
Commercial, Residential, Multi Family
Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, Web/Saas
Help And Support:
Free Email Support
Last Software Update:
September 16, 2015
Users are expected to be familiar with EnergyPlus modelling process and the text input files.
Consultants, engineers and researchers who need large-scale or in depth analysis of energy models. The jEPlus projects can be used for sensitivity/uncertainty analysis, model calibration and design optimisation.
EnergyPlus models (IDF/IMF) and weather files, plus user-defined model parameters.
Parametric simulation results in CSV tables. The exact output can be customized based on user’s requirement.
It is probably the easiest way to create and manage large parametric simulation projects for EnergyPlus.