TOP-Energy is a software that simulates and analyses various types of energy systems. It allows visualization, creation, simulation and comparison of different variants of energy systems via a modular structure to yield maximum flexibility. The software is also capable of performing calculations based on both financial and environmental parameters.

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Major Capabilities:
Parametrics and Optimization, Building Energy Auditing
Building Type:
Commercial, Residential
German, English
Reduced for Non-Commercial/Academic Use, Free To Try
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Last Software Update:
October 5, 2015
Engineers/ Consultants with knowledge of how complex energy systems or processes work
Process Engineers, Energy Consultants, Contractors and Operators, Researchers
Component based modeling and simulation of energy systems using graphical user-friendly interface. Data for components are required. The software is capable of working with both constant and time-dependent data
Tabular and graphical representation of calculated results based on financial and ecological parameters. The software can generate Sankey Diagrams and automatic reports for further understanding of the user.
TOP-Energy is used for a variety of other (industrial) processing apart from energy systems. The component or variant library that the modules are equipped with is being constantly expanded to cater to the individual needs of the users. You can easily integrate your own components or adapt the existing ones without much effort. Customized version of the software as well as consultation support is available if required.