Xinaps Daylight Ratio Evaluator


Xinaps Daylight Ratio Evaluator™, working as a plugin within Autodesk Revit®, automates daylight area checking of your BIM model. As a result, optimal design decisions can be made regarding floor areas, glazing, glass area, windows, brightness, darkness – and better working and living spaces are produced.

The Daylight Ratio Evaluator™ App:

  • Scans the BIM model and reports daylight ratio compliance against required minimums
  • Accepts input of required minimum daylight area ratio per room area
  • Calculates window-to-floor ratio based on LEED
  • Uses floor areas of rooms and glass areas of windows, doors, and curtain walls
  • Synchronizes with Revit®’s units of measurement.
  • Automatically adds and saves the daylight area ratio values per room in the Revit® model
  • Displays daylight ratio results
  • Creates a Daylight Performance Indicator in the Xinaps Building Performance Dashboard
  • Exports data in Word® and Excel® formats
  • Supports input for minimum height of window sill
  • Visualize daylight area ratios in your floor plans
  • Visualize daylight requirements in your floor plans

Xinaps Daylight Ratio Evaluator™ takes Revit® to a higher performance level. It is especially relevant to architectural designers and building engineers, but also useful to all the design team. The app helps meet sustainability standards while minimizing time and errors in the model. It enhances building model validation in preliminary design phase. For corporate licenses, send us an email.

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Major Capabilities:
Parametrics and Optimization, Lighting Simulation, Other
Building Type:
Commercial, Residential
Reduced for Non-Commercial/Academic Use, Free To Try
Help And Support:
Free Email Support, Free Chat/IM Support, Free Phone Support
Last Software Update:
April 12, 2016
Some experience with Autodesk Revit needed.
Architects, Engineers, Consultants, Building Physics
Rooms, Windows, Doors, Curtain Walls, Glazing panels, Glazing transparency, shading factors
Daylight Areas, Window-to-floor ratio, floor-to-glazing ratio
According to the UK Right for Light Act, NEN 2057, LEED EQc8.1, SANS 10400-XA & 2, Rapid Feasibility Study Calculation