Policy Statements

Policy Statements

As appropriate, IBPSA-USA establishes consensus policy positions on topics that arise within the domain of building performance simulation, where consensus is established by a vote of the Board. The policy positions that are established are then published on this page of the IBPSA-USA website.

This is a new activity for IBPSA-USA. As of May, 2012, IBPSA-USA has established one such policy position. This position is on COMNET, and is based upon a review of COMNET by an IBPSA-USA committee. IBPSA-USA's review of COMNET had been requested by one of the IBPSA-USA board members. The review occurred over a period of time via a series of web meetings that included presentations by COMNET members. As a result of that review, an IBPSA-USA Position Paper was developed and was adopted by the Board as an consensus policy statement.

You may download the IBPSA-USA Position Paper on COMNET by clicking on the link below:

IBPSA-USA Position Paper on COMNET

IBPSA-USA considers such policy statements on key topics to be an important activity and anticipates developing additional policy statements on other topics as they present themselves.