2022 Slate of Nominees

Nominees for Director Positions

David Goldwasser


National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Researcher IV-Software Engineer

Vision for participating in IBPSA-USA board – What excites me about Building Performance Simulation is the positive impact we can have on the built environment, building occupants, operators, and owners, as well as the AEC professionals who directly design and build and renovate buildings. I know that building design and is a team effort involving many professional organizations including but not limited to ASHRAE, AIA, and IBPSA. I approach the IBPSA-USA board, first supporting IBPSA-USA members, but always considering how the decisions we make ultimately tie into efforts and decisions by other organizations to impact how new buildings are built, existing buildings are renovated and maintained.
Statement – I have been a software engineer and researcher at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory for more than 10 years; working on development of the OpenStudio platform, developing an initial library of OpenStudio measures through analysis projects, creating videos to demonstrate functionality, and supporting modelers and developers on UnmetHours.com and through other avenues. Prior to joining NREL I had 10 years’ experience in architectural and construction management practices, and another 5 years consulting for the AEC industry in advanced interactive media; during which time I served on the board of directors of the International VR Photography Association (ivrpa.org). While my personal perspective of IBPSA-USA is as a software develop, an energy modeler, and an architect; as a board member I would serve the membership at large taking guidance from members on prioritization and direction of IBPSA-USA efforts to advance and promote performance simulation for an ever-changing industry and world.
List IBPSA-USA activities – In addition to currently serving on the IBPA-USA Board of Directors, I am active in the research committee (specifically the architectural subcommittee) and the Building Data Exchange committee (specifically the BIM to BEM subcommittee). Additionally, I’m leading an IBPSA-USA effort to connect university students patriating in DOE’s Solar Decathlon Design Challenge with IBPSA-USA performance modeling advisors. I attended BPAC remotely in 2021, hope to be pack in person next year and get to talk to everyone face to face again.

Sam Mason

Schneider Electric
Senior Energy Engineer

Vision for participating in IBPSA-USA board – Building simulation has the ability to make long term, lasting impacts on building energy consumption and carbon emissions. Existing buildings are my passion and I would bring my enthusiasm for calibrated simulation and large data to the board to help drive new training and support for professionals working in the existing building field.
Statement – I am a senior energy engineer with Schneider Electric, supporting existing building retrofits across education and industrial facilities. I also am a strategic advisor to the company I founded, Encompass Energy, whose current vision is decarbonizing large commercial buildings in metropolitan areas of the world. I am an active member of ASHRAE 90.1 and serve on the 90.1 lighting sub-committee. I would be a good choice for the IBPSA-USA board because 1) I have a specific focus around existing buildings which I feel is going to be a key topic for building simulation into the future, and 2) I work both on the planning and verification scope of projects and can provide key insights into better ways to incorporate building simulation into the design and planning processes.
List IBPSA-USA activities – Building simulation 2019 and 2021 conferences – papers accepted and presented; 1 yr on IBPSA_USA education committee, instructor for the BEM Workshops.

Sara Motamedi

Building Performance Analyst

Vision for participating in IBPSA-USA board – I am excited about the role of simulation and automation in Integrated Design by considering the interests of all stakeholders, including energy, daylight, glare, view, thermal comfort and aesthetics. I earned my bachelor in Architectural Engineering, and master and PhD in Sustainable Design from University of Texas at Austin. I have worked as an energy engineer and a building performance analyst for the last 6 years. My background in engineering, architecture and coding has provided me the unique vision to guide the field toward the integrated design. The world is rushing toward green design which is environmentally friendly. With all the tools in our hands, a deterministic best solution seems the easiest path toward green design. Such design is advertised, and is sometimes pushed. However, considering all the complexity of the design context, the answer isn’t a deterministic solution but rather a range of solutions that are holistic and inclusive.
Statement – Currently I am founding a company, BuildSynergies, offering building services with a promise of integrated design. I am actively involved in AIA, different conferences, and IBPSA. I have contributed in the field by doing dozens of presentations and publishing papers in the field.
List IBPSA-USA activities – I am a member of IBPSA Architectural Simulations Subcommittee. And so far, I have been in IBPSA and ASHRAE panels discussing my experiences in the field. I am regularly publishing papers or presenting my work at IBPSA.

Matthew Duffy

Business Development Manager

Vision for participating in IBPSA-USA board – I am excited not only about the heat transfer and thermodynamics of Building Performance and Simulation but also the intersectional nature of the subjects. The importance of BPS keeps on growing locally, nationally, and globally. My vision is to create an environment where we can continue to grow, thrive, explore, and research in this significant realm.
Statement – In addition to being on the IBPSA-USA Board of Directors, Matthew is also Chair of the Chapters Committee, Board Liaison and one of the founding members of the J.E.D.I. Working Group, a member of the Building Data Exchange, and on the committee for the Wisconsin Chapter. Matthew’s strong sense of community, sharing of ideas, and creating an inclusive environment is at the core of what he brings to the organization.
List IBPSA-USA activities – IBPSA-USA – Board of Directors 2020 to present, IBPSA-USA Wisconsin Chapter – Committee Chair – 2018 to present, IBPSA-USA Building Data Exchange Committee – Vendor Member – 2020 to present, IBPSA-USA J.E.D.I. Working Group – Board Liaison and Founding Member – 2020 to present,  IBPSA-USA Chapters Committee – Chair – 2021 to present

Eddy Santosa

Senior Building Performance Consultant

Vision for participating in IBPSA-USA board – I believe building performance simulation should be implemented in any building projects. It should be an integral part in building design process. As an architect, I love to see beautiful buildings. However, beautiful only is not sufficient. Buildings shall provide comfortable spaces, positive impact to its community and has minimum impact to the environment. Therefore, building performance will be the key to achieve the goals. I would like to promote building performance simulations in the building industry and expand the role and implementation of building performance simulations beyond energy modeling.
Statement – I have been working and contributing to building performance for more than 15 years ago. At IBPSA-USA, I have been an education committee member since 2012. I initiated the IBPSA LA chapter and recently I am assisting the IBPSA Houston Chapter as a board member. I also served as one of a board of directors at IBPSA US in 2019-2021. Together with the IBPSA education committee, I initiated the bi-monthly education webinar to provide education and promote the role of building performance simulations.
With my experience in building performance simulation, sustainability expert and architecture, I would like to work with the IBPSA-USA board to enhance the IBPSA brand and recognitions from other AEC industry community such as architects, facility managers and building owners, and expand IBPSA membership among researchers, energy modelers or other simulation experts. The more recognition from other AEC practitioners, the more they will understand the value of simulations for buildings and IBPSA members as a key component in design process, not only for complying with energy code or achieving LEED points.
List IBPSA-USA activities – IBPSA education committee, IBPSA board of director (2019-2021), IBPSA Houston – assisting Performance Huddle conference

Jayati Chhabra

Architectural Researcher

Vision for participating in IBPSA-USA board – Building Performance Simulation can enhance and speed up the process of including energy efficiency and sustainability in the design of buildings. However, while a lot of firms have adopted this process, there is still a long way to go when it comes to awareness regarding the same.
1. Representing this industry as a strong individual, participating in the outreach of the building simulation tools and IBPSA-USA events would be my first goal.
2. With emerging professionals getting into firms and transforming the work culture, it is important to provide them all the resources to move forward and step into the industry with confidence. Providing improvements in terms of academic resources to students is also something I look forward to contribute to.
3. Contributing in setting up conferences, platforms for professionals and researchers to showcase their ideas is a very important goal that can help increase energy efficiency in buildings (and mitigate climate change).
Statement – As an architectural researcher at cove.tool and having a master’s degree in high-performance buildings from Georgia Tech, I have gained a level of expertise in multiple fields of building performance – from energy, cost, daylighting, carbon to materials and assemblies. Not only have I researched and understood different topics, I have seen a huge number of models by firms, their workflows and talked to them about the hindrances they face while incorporating sustainability in their design routine. Thus, I would be a good choice to serve on the board since I’ll be able to look at the building performance industry, its associated problems and their solutions in a holistic manner. With that, being on the other side where I am a core part of developing a simulation tool, I can bring forward the challenges faced by the tool owners and makers and how they can be helped. I believe my passion and energy will be able to bring in a lot of positive changes in the building performance simulation industry.
List IBPSA-USA activities – 1. I have been the Student Director from Jan 2020 to present. 2. I have been actively involved in hosting the semi-annual events for IBPSA-US for 2 years now. 3. I am one of the founders of EPSI (Emerging Professionals and Students of IBPSA-USA) – a working group of Education Committee. The aim and idea was to bring in more participation and involvement from the emerging professionals. 4. I am a regular attendee of the conference committee (also the vice-chair). 5. I started as a volunteer before Jan 2020 – taking part in technical advisory groups, transcriptionist for IBPSA-USA groups. 6. Partially involved in the Georgia Tech IBPSA-USA chapter.

Nathaniel Jones

Senior Consultant

Vision for participating in IBPSA-USA board – IBPSA brings together a diverse body of architects, engineers, developers, researchers, teachers, and students with a common goal: To create better building performance through simulation. Our community includes energy modelers, daylight designers, acousticians, air quality specialists, urban planners, utilities, and many other fields. As a young industry that constantly innovates in response to new tools, new regulations, and current events including a pandemic spread indoors, we struggle to maintain a connection between research and practice. I believe that IBPSA is the best organization to bridge between researchers and practitioners, and my goal for my continuing service on the board is to make IBPSA the most effective it can be at producing, promoting, and sharing innovations in all areas of building performance simulation. I hope to accomplish this by creating and promoting events, programs, and online content that bring us together, with an emphasis on outreach to students and young members.
Statement – I am a building scientist, educator, and software developer. On the IBPSA-USA Board of Directors, I have brought practitioners and researchers together through the Research Committee webinar series, the IBPSA-USA newsletter’s ‘Ask a Modeler’ column, and local chapter events. I was instrumental in re-energizing the Boston chapter in 2020 through virtual meetings in response to the pandemic. I chair the Research Committee and subcommittee on Emerging Simulation Technologies and serve on the Communications and Conferences committees. At Arup, I specialize in occupant health and comfort simulation, and I teach energy and lighting simulation at Wentworth Institute of Technology. I created comfort.arup.com, Arup’s advanced online comfort modeling tool, and Accelerad, a suite of open-source GPU-based lighting and daylighting simulation tools. My portfolio at Arup includes daylighting, visual and thermal comfort, microclimate, air quality, and COVID-19 disinfection, and I have authored over twenty peer-reviewed papers on occupant health, comfort, and building energy use.
List IBPSA-USA activities – Board of Directors, Research Committee Chair, Emerging Simulation, Technology Subcommittee Chair, 2022 Building Performance Simulation Analysis Conference and Simbuild Scientific Committee 2017, Building Simulation Conference Program Committee, Research Committee, Webinar Series Host, Ask a Modeler Editor, IBPSA Hackathon Organizing Committee Chair.

Timothy P McDowell

Vice President
Thermal Energy System Specialists, LLC

Vision – With the push to fight climate change, Building Performance Simulation has never been more important. I look forward to continue IBPSA-USA’s efforts to educate, advance, and standardize the industry.
Statement – Having returned to the board in 2019, I currently serve as the Secretary and serve on the Finance and Development, Conferences, and Building Data Exchange committees. If re-elected I hope to continue solidifying the overall governance and finances of IBPSA-USA and advance the efforts of industry standardization.
List IBPSA-USA activities – Board of Directors – 2005-2013; 2019-present, Secretary 2010-2013; 2021-present. SimBuild 2012 – chair SimBuild 2010 – co-chair technical committee Building Data Exchange committee – voting member Finance and Development committee – member Conferences committee – member

Nominees for Student Director

Ruiji Sun

University of California at Berkeley
Link to CV

Statement –  I am the current president of the IBPSA-USA UC Berkeley chapter and ASHRAE Berkley chapter. To shift the current resource-intensive building paradigm to a sustainable future, we must inspire the new generation of building designers, engineers, and managers. However, we lack professional curricula and degree programs of high-performance building. Here at UC Berkeley, we focus on three fundamental goals: providing students with a building performance-related courses list across different departments on campus; Keeping students up with the most updated conferences, scholarships, and events in the field; Connecting students with lab researchers or industry professionals for potential intern opportunities. As the IBPSA-USA Board student director, I would like to extend the course list across different universities across the United States. Also, I would like to hold student workshops at IBPSA conferences to provide comfortable discussion, collaboration, information sharing, and career opportunities.
List IBPSA-USA activities – IBPSA-USA UC Berkeley chapter