BEM Certification Research Analyst-RFQ

Submission Deadline: 5:00pm Pacific time on March 21, 2022


The newly formed IBPSA-USA Certification Committee seeks to evaluate whether building energy modeling (BEM) use cases such as code compliance and above-code analysis would benefit from formalized certification and/or accreditation programs for software tools, energy modelers, training providers, and/or energy model reviewers. 

The committee wishes to gather information about past and present BEM certification and accreditation programs as described in Task 1 below.

IBPSA-USA has received funding from the U.S. Department of Energy to perform initial research to gather this information, and wishes to hire a contractor to lead the research. The anticipated budget for this scope of work is $15,000.

Scope of Work:

  • The subcontractor  will be responsible for overall project management, bi-weekly project coordination meetings and management of tasks as outlined below. The consultant will work directly with the IBPSA-USA Project Execution Committee (PEC) and report to the PEC chair.
    • The subcontractor will develop draft and final versions of the research report described in Task 1 below and address comments from the PEC, and the Department of Energy.

Task 1: National BEM Certification Program Scoping Study

The subcontractor will work with the PEC to identify key industry stakeholders, then engage with them to evaluate past and existing certification and accreditation programs. Stakeholder groups include but are not limited to state or local code agencies, program developers and implementers, software developers, practitioners and reviewers who participate in the programs evaluated. Evaluation of the programs should include topics such as:

    • scope of the program (i.e., software, modeler, and/or reviewer)
    • technical details of the program
    • business models of existing QA/QC programs
    • geographical regions where the programs are/were in use
    • summary of best practices and lessons learned in program implementation
    • evaluation of scalability of programs

Task 1 Deliverables:

    • Draft report on past and existing certification efforts, and current certification and QA/QC business models and lessons learned.
    • Final report on past and existing certification efforts, and current certification and QA/QC business models and lessons learned.
Deliverables and Timeline:



0.1 Issue RFQ

March 4, 2021

0.2 Proposal deadline

March 21, 2021

0.3 Project Kickoff

March 31, 2022 (TBD)

0.4 Monthly Progress Reports


1.1 Task 1 Draft Deliverable

June 15, 2022

1.2 Task 1 Final Deliverable

July 25, 2022

Format for Submittals:

  1. CV and Team Expertise: Description of general qualifications, specific evidence of relevant experience, and a listing of key personnel that would be available to work on this project.
  2. Cost. Proposed hourly billing rate for each team member. Description of any match funding or in-kind contributions that would be provided.

Additional Optional Information:

  1. Description of Approach: Up to two pages describing the consultant’s approach to meeting project objectives.
  2. Comparable Projects: Summary of past projects that demonstrate the consultant’s expertise.

Evaluation of Submittals:

Consultants responding to this RFQ must demonstrate relevant expertise and capability in the following criteria: 

  • Detailed understanding applying BEM across a variety of use cases including, but not limited to code compliance analysis, incentive programs, and green building rating system analysis 
  • Experience in developing agendas, presentation materials, and hosting technical meetings
  • Exceptional written and oral communication skills
  • Past experience in working with key collaborators is preferred including, but not limited to, IBPSA-USA, U.S. Department of Energy, code agencies and utility program managers involved in code compliance or beyond-code compliance programs
  • US company or US based team for a foreign owned company

IBPSA-USA will evaluate all submittals to determine which Consultants have the experience and qualifications that are best suited for this project.  

IBPSA-USA may in the course of soliciting proposals:

  • modify the timeline
  • negotiate with one or more respondents to modify the proposed scope
  • solicit contracts with one or more respondents for all or a portion of the work
  • opt not to pursue any proposals at the current time

Submission Schedule:

Submit qualifications in PDF form via email to Mike Wilson, jobs@ibpsa.us , by 5:00pm Pacific time on March 21, 2022.