EDAPT (Energy Design Assistance Program Tracker) is a design-assistance project and program management and reporting portal intended for managers of large portfolios of energy-efficiency projects that use energy modeling. Example users include utilities, ESCOs, large portfolio owners, and building certification programs. EDAPT centralizes and automates the energy-efficiency design process including project proposal, review, quality-checking, program-rule checking, approval, and reporting. It also supports program level reporting.

EDAPT currently works with OpenStudio. The use of OpenStudio enables other EDAPT capabilities including the use of OpenStudio measures to automate quality-assurance and program-rule checks. However, EDAPT uses a tool-agnostic project description schema and can work with other tools if exports to this schema are implemented.

Developed by Xcel Energy of Colorado, EDAPT is now available to other organizations.

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United States
Major Capabilities:
Whole Building Energy Simulation, Energy Conservation Measures, Other
Building Type:
Commercial, Residential, Multi Family, Portfolio Scale
OpenStudio, EnergyPlus
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Last Software Update:
March 31, 2015
None, although basic knowledge of building energy-efficiency and the ability to interpret high-level energy modeling results is very helpful.
EDAPT is intended for managers of large energy-efficiency project portfolios including utilities, ESCOs, large building portfolio owners, and building rating and certification organizations.