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May 2022 Ask A Modeler

Q: How do you pipeline files between different models, or create interoperability between all the different file types that are part of your work? A: As energy modelers, we coordinate with nearly every discipline on a project. Plainly, this means we collect and organize a wide range of information. Commonly, there can be a Revit file for the architectural design, spreadsheets with mechanical schedules and ventilation calculations for the mechanical design…
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April 2022 Ask A Modeler

What makes a good baseline? Are there deviations from guidelines to follow when modeling unique cases? What should you do when code baselines are behind current industry practice?          “-All About that Base”   Dear All About
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March 2022 Ask A Modeler

CLICK HERE TO ASK YOUR OWN QUESTION How do you explain the benefits of energy modeling to clients? -Modeling Marketer Dear Modeling Marketer, You’ve come to the right place. We, in the energy modeling community, feel very strongly about how
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February 2022 Ask A Modeler

How do budget limitations affect our ability to model building performance accurately? Does expertise come with a cost premium? Will new or future tools change the budget needs of modelers?
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Ask A Modeler – December 2021

“What data sources can you use to do modeling at the urban scale and beyond?”              -Bigger and Better Dear Bigger and Better, When modeling individual buildings, obtaining pertinent data about the building that impacts
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