New Software Release: IESVE 2022

IESVE 2022


IES, Ltd. , a long-time sponsor and supporter of IBPSA-USA announces its latest version of IESVE.  The new version: IESVE 2022 includes a range of exciting new features and they are highlighted below.  Interested parties can also get a demo here: Register for VE-2022 Web-Demo

02 - VE-2022 - Data Center

IESVE 2022, a 64-bit version 

  • Improves the user experience for larger or more detailed models by gaining access to larger addressable memory space, allowing for detailed parameters to be processed across IESVE Applications.
  • Significant improvements will be most noticeable within the MicroFlo-CFD Application, with meshes approx. 10x larger than VE-2021; up to ~32 million grid cells

ASHRAE Standard 90.1-2019 Navigator 

The ASHRAE 90.1 Navigator is updated to version 90.1-2019. Enhancements for the latest version include:

  • New Prototype/Templates data: 
    • Prescriptive
    • Appendix G
  • New Updates for: 
    • Custom Building Performance Factors (BPFs)
    • New reports (PDF) and Excel Spreadsheet (XLS).
    • Calculations for Fan Power, Infiltration, Transformer and Lighting 

Water-Energy Nexus

New water consumption variables for HVAC equipment that use water.

  • Makeup Water for Steam Humidifier and Spray Chamber (evaporative cooling).
  • Cooling Coils Condensate Water 
  • Cooling tower makeup water from Evaporation losses, Drift losses and Blowdown loss accounting for varying Cycles of Concentration.

VRF Integration (New Partner: Mitsubishi)

We are pleased to announce a new manufacturer integration partnership with Mitsubishi. In IESVE 2022 we are now including VRF performance data from Mitsubishi within ApacheHVAC’s VRF Performance Curve Set. The integration brings in a range of Mitsubishi Electric’s Air Source VRF R410a units, which are both high-efficiency Heat Pumps and incorporate heat recovery.

Lighting Integration (New Partner: ROBUS)

A New Lighting Fixtures Database from ROBUS includes 736 Lighting Fixtures, from 12 unique Categories and 100% LED Technology.

  • Categories include from Commercial, Industrial, Downlights, Emergency, Circadian, Outdoor, etc.
  • For luminance/illuminance simulation in RadianceIES
  • For LPD (Watts/m2), room illuminances and lumens/Watt calculations in FlucsPro. 

ROBUS lighting fixtures are provided to over 3,000 stockists in over 40 countries.


  • The IESVE Python API has been significantly enhanced and new libraries have been added
  • Daylight:  New automated Area of Interest (AOI) options to better account for Useful daylight in RadianceIES.   
  • Solar:  Analysis Visualization Enhancement with filters and by Room Groups in SunCast.