Educating the Next Generation of BEM Practitioners

The lack of a comprehensive educational resource about how to perform effective energy analysis forces practitioners to cobble together an education through various non-uniform means. This situation has caused BEM to be an unpredictable endeavor where the quality of results and the ability to interpret the results is highly variable depending on the practitioner, how well they are able to teach themselves, and what resources they discover and choose to use. To address this challenge, DOE responded by supporting the development of an educational resource intended to serve as a comprehensive knowledge base about building energy modeling. This resource, called BEMcyclopedia, is available now! Inspired by Wikipedia, BEMcyclopedia seeks contributions from the community of energy analysts. This webinar will provide a demonstration of BEMcyclopedia and serve as a call to action for others to get involved!

Presented by: IBPSA-USA’s Education Committee featuring Dimitri Contoyannis (Model Efficiency) and Erik Kolderup (Kolderup Consulting)

Date: July 13, 2023