Identifying Emissions Reduction Pathways for Cities using UBEM.io

Cities around the world are setting ambitious emissions reduction targets. Meeting these targets will require decarbonization of these cities energy supply and buildings, among other sectors. This presentation is focused on Urban Building Energy Modeling (UBEM) using UBEM.io, a tool designed for modelers well-versed in Building Energy Models (BEMs) to easily evaluate technology pathways for whole cities to reduce their energy use and emissions. In this presentation we will cover the key information BEM modelers need to know to translate their work to an UBEM. We will explore the creation of UBEMs using UBEM.io and share a few case studies of how the urban modeling process can unfold. Ultimately, the goal of this presentation is to empower modelers to work with their local communities to chart decarbonization pathways.

Presented by: IBPSA-USA’s Research Committee featuring Zachary Berzolla (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

Date: Apr 20, 2023


Zachary Berzolla

Zach Berzolla is a fourth-year PhD Candidate in Building Technology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow. He uses urban building energy modeling via UBEM.io, a tool he co-developed, to help communities around the world meet their emissions reduction goals in the built environment. Through these collaborative efforts, communities define and test technology pathways that include differing levels of building retrofits, heat electrification, and renewables. His current focus is how to equitably advance the adoption of building retrofits to attain ambitious but necessary emissions reduction goals.