Optimizing Hospitals for Energy, Carbon, Daylight, and Cost


This videos has been free to view for all. This presentation will explore the challenges and opportunities to optimize hospital projects. Shifting energy codes are challenging engineers and architects with a wide array of parameters to balance like energy, cost, daylight, views, and embodied carbon. Many design teams are harnessing simulation to shape the design and details of their projects while optimizing for cost. This is critical now given than hospitals take 7-10 years to be built, todays designs should already be targeting carbon neutral operation. This 60 minute session showcases data driven workflows for full building optimization, tradeoffs, and system integrations to design high performance hospitals.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Attendees will learn what are the key metrics to consider when optimizing a hospital design in concept stage.
  2. Attendees will learn a typical workflow for reducing hospital EUI, carbon intensity and cost.
  3. Attendees will gain understanding of key stakeholders in hospital design projects.
  4. Attendees will gain knowledge of integrated systems and how they can save both first cost and operational cost for hospitals. 


Patrick Pease, PE,  Mechanical Engineering Director at Cove.Tool

Patrick is the Mechanical Engineering Director at cove.tool. Patrick oversees the implementation of automated mechanical engineering design and optimization. Patrick leverages nine years of experience as a consulting engineer to help design teams across the globe meet the unique challenge of mechanical design. Patrick’s extensive project experience enables him to share low energy design knowledge and energy modeling expertise with clients. Patrick holds a Master of Engineering from Boston University and is a registered PE in Massachusetts.