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ASHRAE Building Performance Analysis Conference

The 2023 ASHRAE Building Performance Analysis Conference takes place September 11-13 in Austin, Texas. The theme for the conference is “Holistic Building Analysis: Linking Operational Energy, Embodied Carbon and Comfort.” 

“This year the conference theme is intended to highlight the need for a holistic approach to adequately address multiple challenges in building analysis from carbon to comfort,” says John Bynum, conference chair. “A variety of topics relevant to a holistic approach to building analysis at all lifecycle stages have been identified as well as other specific topics of interest such as resilience, CFD, urban scale modeling and energy equity. The committee is looking forward to receiving submissions across the variety of topics listed.”

The conference once again will feature the 2023 ASHRAE LowDown Showdown modeling competition seeking a new, creative reuse of the Houston Astrodome. 

For more information: visit www.ashrae.org/2023BPAC or email meetings@ashrae.org.


Sep 11 - 13 2023
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